Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Great Easter Weekend

30 Minutes is a long time to play laser tag in a hot room. But it was fun Daniel and I and his brother and his wife went to Kerrville and played laser tag. It was a ton of fun we started out playing every man or woman for themselves, but I soon noticed that Adam and Kari had teamed up so... Daniel and I teamed up as well. Needless to say we beat the pants off the novices. We all had a great time and spent a silly amount of money on those dumb arcade games that just give tickets with very little skill involved.

We then went to the movies my biggest worry was for getting home to pick up the Kody from the pastor's house. They usually stay up pretty late but Kody has an away of making you see how truly tired you really are. Any way so we went to see Scary Movie 4, to sum it up in one word terrible. They took all the funny stuff and mucked it up by going to far with there jokes and all of the truly funny scenes we had already seen in the previews. Oh well...

We then went out to eat, I really just wanted to get something to go and get home to Kody, but... Daniel wanted to take our guests to the really nice Mamacitas good food good atmosphere and all that. We have been there a hundred times so I was not overly impressed. We then headed home to the sleep fighter.

Sunday rolled around sometime while we were all still up so we went to bed. Kody slept all night. The next morning I got up and started the roast and fixings’ so we would have something to eat after church we went to Sunday school and what seems to be trend when we have company we were late. The topic of the lesson was how the resurrection has directly impacted your life. Kari was not feeling well so Adam took her home before church the choir program was beautiful. When we got home Kari was asleep and Adam was playing X-box I went back to work on lunch while Kody slept in his crib. Daniel helped a bit before joining Adam in a game of Baseball. We ate lunch around 1 and then watched Twisted I missed the last half as I was trying to sleep since I have insomnia and really needed the rest …. No luck.

Around 4 we went to play tennis no breeze and around 100 outside after walking to the courts we played a few games and decided the river was a better place to be. We went to the river and had a great time Kody is water baby we strapped him into his carrier thing and he played and played in the water. We were in the water for about 2 hours or so when the sun started heading down and Kody only fussed for one minute the whole timer he is such a water baby. So… Great weekend!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I have noticed...

That with the first pregnancy I was a bit scatter brained. Well if I thought that was bad now there are days I am not even sure I have a brain. I love my babies but I wish they would leave me a little bit of memory.
Kody ios growing so fast it is amazing. He reaches now for me and others it is so cute if you have empty arms you are his target. He jabbers alot and when he is not crying he is smiling. Babies are truely amazing. Kody is truely my boy he loves Mac and Cheese and he is really good at chewing the Mac before he swallows it.We are going to try little peices of over cooked carrot tonight to see how he does with that. He is really getting big. more later ASTA...