Tuesday, January 31, 2006

24 years old

Well it feels alot like 23 but with a baby. Anyway I had a good b-day Daniel brought me lunch to work and everyone at church sang me happy b-day.

We went to San Angelo this weekend and stayed up to late and got up to late everyday. We saw the Brothers Grimm, good one in my opinion. We played Scene it that was alot of fun as well. Daniel bought me a new ring it looks like this. I also got a manicure since I got a new ring of course.
Kody really likes carrots almost as much as bananas He has gone back to the old school passy since I have lost all of his other ones. It is a amazing how those things go missing. He is a little grouchy and tired today but I am not suprised. Any way it was a good weekend all in all even though my big mouth got me into trouble again and I hurt my sis-in-laws feelings.
Yesterday was busy we came in from San Antonio at 12pm and I made Daniel Sandwiches that he woofed down and then headed off to work. Then I spent the next hour and half trying to get Kody to go to sleep with out a binky, not something I want to do again any time soon. Then Daniel got home and brought me the binky out of the car but it was too late Kody was done with that napping stuff even though he only slept for 1 and 1/2 hours and usually gets a least 2. So then we relaxed for a little while and then rushed out the door to meet everyone for my b-day supper. We went to Casa Falcon in NC they usually have a buffet but it was not on and I thought Daniel was going to pass out or cry but he survived. Kody set with Grammy, Aunt Jo, Aunt Kay and Uncle Joe. He smiled at Aunt Jan while she ate her supper I think he was very well behaved. Until........... the trip home he cried all the way nothing made him happy then he cried from 10:15 til 11 nothing made him happy all in all it was another restless night for me. But we all had a good time and cheese cake so it is all good. more later

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Long Time no post

I really don't have a good excuse for not posting. Except that I started a website for our church and started a monthly newsletter as well. So I have been a little busy but both are now up and running and starting from scratch is the hardest part.
Kody is now 4 and 1/2 months old at his 4 month check up he weighed in at 13lb 6 oz and was 2ft 1 inch so he is indeed grown a lot since he was 6 lb 3 oz and 20in long on his birthday. He has started solid foods and he is my boy he loves bananas best so far. He seems to have a sweet tooth even though I still can not see his teeth but I can feel them. His eyes are still blue so keep your fingers crossed I think it is going to last. He slept through the night the other night of course this was only after 3 yes 3 really bad nights and last night was really bad, making up for the one good one you know. He really loves to be kissed and always laughs when you tickle his feet. And finally he is the number1 sleep fighter of the world.
My birthday is tomorrow I will be 24. Why is it that the older you get the less excited you get about your b-day I mean I should just be glad I have made it this far but to me it is just another day no big plans or anything. Sometimes I think I would have made a great Jahovah's witness since I don't celebrate much except the fact that I believe a lot of their beliefs are way off base of course. Any way enough rambling
We are going to go to San Angelo this weekend so stay tuned for more picks of Kody with his family and I will soon post picks of Kody with Papa and his Grammy from our trip to see him last week. I can not wait to see how much my nephews have grown. Devon is a really getting big he is not a little boy any more and Tyler is really getting tall. It is amazing to me that some day that will be Kody that I am watching grow up and stuff. More later

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kody and Mommy at work

ringing in the New year in Style

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Kody (the precious)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Christmas continues..

We hurried back to the Rock to pick up gifts and church and all that jazz. We were supposed to meet Mom and some sibs in NC to eat lunch with Papa but the restaurant that said they were going to open was closed so we met Mom any way and headed to Vance to visit Granny's grave site. It was really good that we did that and it helped Mom get through the holidays easier. We ate microwave pizzas and some bbq sandwiches. Then went to see Papa to our surprise some of the family came anyway and we all had a very nice visit while eating chocolate layered dessert. We then went to Brackettville where I learned that my mom over did it big time this Christmas. There were enough gifts to surround my Dad as he slept on the floor. It reminded me of when I was little and my grandmother went overboard and gifts trailed out from all 360 degrees of the tree. We all made out like bandits. The following day we had our traditional family meal. I even stayed one extra day to sleep in I got up with Kody and handed him to his Grammy and went back to bed til around 11. Then more family came over and we decided to go to a movie so the 9 of us Mom, JoLee, Des, Daylon, Kody, Me, Daniel, Kitten and Patty went to see Naria in Mom's 15 passenger van. I had already seen it but it is still the best movie I have seen in a very long time. We had a fabulous Christmas except that Kody started teething on Sunday evening and has been pretty cranky about it all.