Thursday, October 08, 2009

Washed my iPhone update

Well this is my very clean iPhone. Everything seems to be great except for a few watery streaks under the screen. Great response normal battery life. Yeah for iPhone. Yeah for me. Even the camera is working see Kody for exmple.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Washed my iPhone

I was really glad to be going to bed with a really clean kitchen. I was hungry so I fixed me some cereal. Daniel was already in bed so I was hurrying along and relized oh man where is my phone. After a quick look around, no phone! So I asked Daniel to call it straight to vm. That never happens so I made him get up to help me look. He says maybe it's in the dishwasher I am preto and once in a while put things in strange places. But, then I think maybe it is in the laundry with my pants. All of sudden I relize that I had put my pants in the washer. I went in there the washer was on the spin cycle and in my back pocket so was my phone.
I grabbed a bag of rice after lamenting that u can not take an iPhone apart to dry it and threw it in. I went to my room with my old iPhone which is cracked but works and began so e research. To my surprise this bag if rice thing has worked for a number if people. So for the next 2 days I sport the old messed up phone in hopes that my phone will work. I am so thankful I did not sell this one. I think I will try to sleep, but this seemed like a blogging opportunity I did not want to pass up. Will blog more in 2 days hopefully on my rice saved iPhone.

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