Sunday, September 17, 2006

Life goes on

So we went to the football game on Friday. Although I had a pretty good time since it is football season we lost 12-49. It was wild one of our players and his counter part in an on field arguement got tossed. And then late on a kick off our team just stood there and watched as commanche recovered it right in front of them on like the 15. Any way I was shocked apparently he thought it was a punt and therefore not a live ball. Oh well I hope it goes better next week especially since it is homecoming.
I also had a doctors appoinment on Friday and found out we are having a baby _____ yep we still don't know boy or girl. I kind of think it is a boy, but we don't KNOW. I also found out that my Blood Pressure is on the rise. When I was prego with Kody My BP is why they enduced and he was born at 37 weeks and 6 days. The doc said that it is very likely that my BP could be worse with this one... So I have to go back in 10 days for a BP test. Daniel is going to go with because if it is elevated they will admit me for tests. I am really worried about all of this because if it gets bad they will admit me for complete bed rest and I don't know what I will do with Kody. I don't want to be away from him and I still have five weeks to go. Oh well life goes on. Please pray that everything will be fine or they will send me home with limited bed rest so I can still keep Kody. Kody is trying to walk and will soon have more bumps and bruises since he is not really good at it yet. He tends to lunge when he gets tired of walking and lands on his chest and sometimes his face. Silly baby. Well, that is it for the update.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

All the loot

Here is a picture of everything after everyone arrived and before we made a mess and cut the cake.
Kody is growing like crazy and so is this little one. I have another doctors appointment tomorrow. I am truely hoping we will find out if Kody will have a brother or sister. I am super exausted. After sitting through 3 Jr. High football games 7th A won 7th and 8th combo B lost 8th A won. The boys looked really good tonight. I am very tired so I am going to hit the hay good night all.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kody's Birthday Party

Here are 2 pics from Kody's Party. The first one is before everyone and some of his gifts arrived. And the other is after Kody Dug into his little football cake we made just for him. He is one today and will soon have four teeth. He is learning to crawl away from his daddy when he says, "I'm gonna get you." He is so so cute He ate too much cake a got a ton of great stuff. He had a good time and is playing with all of his new stuff everyday. As for the new little one I once announced that it is a boy, however the doctor is unsure of our new babies gender and it maybe a surprise until the day it is born. I will be happy boy or girl. Enjoy the pictures I will add more later. Good night

Saturday, September 02, 2006


We are having Kody's B-day party on Sunday. I am pretty excited. I am a little nervous about it because it is so hard to keep the house clean with my little kido. Not to mention that we are pretty broke right now so that makes things a little more difficult. Oh well life goes on. We got a nice new dining table it is real pretty and I like it alot. I will blog later about the party maybe even include some pics.