Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week full of fun

We went to Angelo on Monday to visit with Daniel's family. We stayed up late playing at Becca's house then Tuesday headed home for volley ball night.
Wednesday morning we started or adventure.
We had a great spring break down in the old B-ville. Sure missed Daniel since he had track practice and meets to attend. We road in the pasture for house gathering sheep (which happened to be Kody and Aaron's favorite sspart).
Then the next day we marked lambs there were so few this year, because of dogs. I helped as much as I could when not trying to control boys. I so love seeing the boys in the pens it really warms my heart. After 2 days of hard work we took some big lambs and old ewes to a guy who buys them in Del Rio. We spent most of the day there and then went home to begin doing decorations for Des's party. We went to bed and got up and finished and headed to church in Del Rio. Followed by a skate b-day party for Des. It was great fun and although I had to carry Aaron a lot while I skated it was a blast. I am so glad to be home it was a very busy week.

Friday, March 13, 2009

More to The Update

Kody and Aaron are growing like weeds they have recently discovered how to wrestle with one another. This is so cool until someone gets hurt, of course, or any time Kody pins Aaron. Kody always refers to Aaron as, "My Aaron brother" very rarely he will say Aaron. They both share a room, but have to be seperated at nap time since they want to play so much. At night it is to dark to play so they don't have that problem.
Kody is really into super heroes, he even loves Superman Returns. Aaron on the other hand still loves Thomas the Train. They love to tie their blankets around thier shoulders and play "capes" around the house I will post some pictures of this soon. This is my first post from my iPhone and I am using the lite version so text posts are the only option. I think this completes the update. I will be posting more often since I can do that from anywhere so watch out.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

the picture challenge

The answer to JoLee's Challenge ( http://www.texose.blogspot.com/ )

This is not one I would have picked to upload, but I like this one. This is the 4th picture in the fourth folder on my computer. Michelle Clements (http://www.happinessisastateofbeing.blogspot.com/ ) it is your turn pick the same pic, 4th folder 4th pic, and then explain it then Challenge someone who reads your blog to do the same; it is kind of fun. This is Kody and his friend Gage pretending to drink coffee with my friend Melissa and I. They are having Kool- Aid. They are pretty cute too. they have grown a lot and both potty trained this picture was taken almost a year ago in May.


I know it is a little fuzzy since it is a picture of a picture but I wanted to put an updated pic on here. This is our church directory pic from 2 months ago.

So life has been going 90 miles a minute and I have not posted in some time since the monitor on my lap top is taking a leave of absence with no return in sight. I have been using my iphone and I have yet to figure out how to blog with the thing.

Today I made fresh bread I have not made fresh bread in 6 years and now all of sudden I just can not stop I love the stuff and it is so much cheaper than buying it at Wal-Mart. Whose prices might I add have really started heading through the roof. Plus I can make bread they don't sell in the store.

I am really enjoying my kids, but lately the fit train has been chugging through my house so if you call you may here yelling at random times in the day. The boys are so different for being only a year apart. Aaron is my snuggler and Kody has to be chased for a hug. Kody is now crying because in order to use my laptop and blog I have it hooked up to the LCD tv and he can not watch Diego. So even though it has been a while since my last post I will go for now and write more later. Sometimes it is better to stay sain then to reason with a 3 year old. ;)