Wednesday, January 31, 2007

my boys are growing

Aaron 3 and 1/2 months 1/30/07 Kody 01/31/07

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Busy holidays

It was a very busy Christmas and New Years break. 2 days before Christmas my mother in law was placed in ICU in San Angelo Texas. We stayed in San Angelo til 2 days after Christmas checking on her daily. Things were a little frightening from time to time. We then Traveled to Brackettville to see my family we had a very lovely time and got so many goodies we almost could not fit us Vienna and the boys in the car. Thanks mom and Dad for everything. On top of all that Daniel the sniper took out 2 deer that my mother and I processed before we left. We had to do it before we left so that we could fit both of the deer in the car. We left on New Years Day with enough meat to last a good long while. We were still checking on Daniel's Mom everyday and things were still bad she was not breathing on her own and had pneumonia. So we got home and Daniel had a game and practice on the 2nd and then returned to work on the 3rd. So then on the next weekend we returned to Angelo because we got word that mom was not recovering fast enough and may need surgery. After a very busy hard on Kody Saturday we returned home hearing that Paula was a little better and surgery would not be scheduled right away. Yesterday Paula began doing better and breathing on her own. Today she was moved to her own room out of ICU and is only on oxygen. Thanks be to God for taking care of our family. Also JoLee's extended family had a rough week as well thanks to God for taking care of them as well.