Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wow what a Christmas

What an incredible Christmas. We spent Christmas as we had planned exept that I got Tuesday off as well. Thursday we began Decorating Adam's house since that is where we were going to do our Christmas. When I say we I mean me really on Thursday I put up the Christmas tree with just lights. This was only after we made the trip to Robert Lee to wish Mom (Paula) a one day late birthday. We were in Robert Lee til almost 10pm.
So Then we got up on Friday at around 10am which is the latest I have slept since Kody was born. Slow morning, in which I put another string of lights on the tree and Daniel and Adam played X-box. Kari (Adam's fiance) took Kody shopping with her sister Karla Kay. This made me very nervous but since I had run to get breakfast and Daniel had already said yes I did agree to. Anyway I did a few things to try and stay busy like putting garlend on the windows so that I did not have time to worry. I had just progressed to cleaning the kitchen when Kari came in with Kody he was hungry and wet but very much intact and unharmed. WAY TO GO AUNTIE KARI!!!. Kari then dropped off Kody and picked up Adam and went back to shopping. Daniel and I took our car to walmart to get the oil changed after being there for 1 and half hours they told us they could not change the oil do to the body damage. Talk about irratating. we got back and worked on the house some more Daniel moved the love seat from Adams room and moved the recliner across the living room so that there was just enough seating for everybody. The house still needed more work but Adam called and was bored at subway so we went there for supper. We stayed a little over an hour. We picked up the ham Mom and Louis left in Kari's car and took it home to the fridge. We finally finished decorating, cleaning and vacuming before Adam and Kari even got to the house around 1. Kari and Adam had been over at her place picking up their other gifts and stuff after work and then making a quick stop at walmart.

Saturday morning Merry Christmas eve we were pretty much ready for everyone. I glaazed the Ham in honey and put it on to cook and talked Adam into putting the ornaments on the tree. Joe (daniel's dad came first) then Rebecca Jody and the boys. Finally just before 3pm Mom and Louis showed up and we ate like Kings. After wards we began opening gifts I recieved some bath stuff, a necklace, baked goods, a blanket, and a gift card. I don't remember everyone elses gifts but thank goodness Kody got some teething rings why? well read the next post to find out......

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

All three 1st cousins

Kody is better but his Daddy is still ill. This is going to be a short blog because I just wanted to share a photo with you. This is a picture of Kody, DesireĆ© and Conner. DesireĆ© and Conner are JoLee and JB’S children Des is 4 and Conner is almost 3 months old he is 20 days younger than Kody. Kody belongs to Daniel and I (Sunni) and he is a little over 3 months old. With out further ado here they are.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Plans

Well good morning all I hope you are doing well and getting geared up for a great Christmas with family.  We are doing well Kody is doing better at night and is now sleeping in his crib in his own room.  It is a little harder having Kody in his own room since I have to get up and go get him to feed him but oh well I am hoping that soon he won’t want to eat in the middle of the night.  I will keep my fingers crossed.  
So far our Christmas plans are as follows:  Thursday we leave for San Angelo and finish Christmas shopping just a few gifts to buy we had to wait for pay day for.  Friday and Saturday spend time with the Cates family.  On Saturday night head home so that we can attend Church on Christmas morning.  Sunday after church we will travel to Brackettville to spend time with the Joneses.  I am not sure if I get any time off for Christmas because I have not asked but I am going to try to take Monday off to spend time with my parents.  Daniel is out of school and he has every day off until the 3rd unfortunately he is sick and therefore can not play stay at home Daddy.
Kody is talking a lot today he is a little moody as he has been kind of ill as well.   I think it is just a cold because it is not getting any worse except for my sleep deprivation.  Daniel has been a big help though he tries to get up with Kody during the night but sometimes Kody just wants me to feed him.  It is kind of weird that I am in the only one that is not sick at my house. Daniel says it is because I am waiting until Thursday afternoon when I am off work. I hope it is just because I am not going to get sick.  Any way I better get back to work more later.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kody is snoring

Well it has been a while since my last post since everything has been so busy. Our insurance claim on our car has been denied so I am pretty sad about that since the body shop said it would take about 1800 just to make it pass inspection.
Any way we are going to do our shopping for needy families tomorrow and I am quite excited. This is the highlight of my Christmas every year the little church I grew up in (not quite so little any more) gathers a list of needy families in their community and my mom and I pick a city with a lot of discount stores. It seems like our list grows year but it is so great it feels so good to do for those who can not do for themselves. We buy 3 gifts for each child and most of the families get food for at least one meal as well. It really is a delight to shop for these kids although at times you think I don't know what a 4th grader that lives on a ranch would want. We are going to take a big 15 passenger van with out the seats and make our own package wagon. It may not fly like Santa's Sleigh but at least it will help some unfortunate families.
Opps Kody is a awake got to go.

Friday, December 09, 2005

What a week

Ok so we started this week trying to take care of our car no dice on the weekend. Then on Monday my Aunt that lives in Austin was going to take care of it. Well any way that did not go so well either as my car was a mess and this truly irritated my aunt which I heard all about while trying to work and hold everything together. Our insurance company called and said the other party was blaming us for the accident. We are still paying off this car and do not have full coverage so we may be up the creek in a really bad way. So any way Tuesday rolls around and my best friend calls me and says this is the only day we can see each other before she moves to Alaska. I then make a flying trip to San Antonio to see her and so she could meet Kody. Ok I have to take a break to tell you how cute Kody is right now he is kicking and playing with his Daddy it is so so so cute. Any way back to the story so I meet my friend and her husband is there he is not a horrible guy or anything I just wanted some girl time so I am little disappointed. Anyway it all worked out fine and we still had lots of fun. So I take off home around 10:30am to go home on Wednesday morning because I have play practice at church and some where who knows where along the way I lose that is right lose 60 bucks. That is 60 percent of my weekly income. Anyway so I am thinking that Thursday has got to go better. So on Thursday I go to Brackettville early cause Daniel has a game over there and things are truly go better..... Until... At 9 pm all the lights go out Kody is totally freaking out because he hates the dark. Come to find out the power was out in Del Rio, Brackett, and Comstock. So.... I am just waiting to see what goes wring today hopefully I am over the hump and things will be better today. We are going to a Spurs game my first NBA game. Kody is really talking to his Daddy it is so sweet to hear it really helps to make the week disappear. Bye for now.

What a weekend

We had a car accident on Saturday and although I firmly believe it was the fault of the young guy that drove out in front of us we are still waiting to hear. See we had this accident in Austin and they do not send the police out to check the scene unless someone is injured no report is filed. All this means is that it is now the insurance companys who get to decide who is at fault or if anyone is. That seems kind of crazy since the insurance company are a very biased party in an accident. Oh well Kody did real well he woke up when it happened and went right back to sleep. Any way all in all not a weekend I want to repeat ever. At least no one was hurt.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Oh the joys of work

Today has been one of those days. The copier started running out of toner while printing the bulletin and since I was dealing with Mr. Fussy and not watching the copy machine I had a bunch of half printed bulletins. Any way so I had to reprint so some of them look like double vision. Only my second week of bulletins I have them messed up, oh well. Kody has been really good most of the time except when the copier was messing with me of course. At least I got all the office supplies we needed ordered today even though I did forget to add one item it all worked out. Well I better get back to work.