Monday, October 08, 2007

Just Aaron

Here are some cute pics of Aaron we took after his bath the other night.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some videos of the boys

These videos don't have the best sound or quality since I took them with my little digital camera ,but I still wanted to share them.
Please pray for my family and church family as we are trying to fill in at church when we do not have a pastor or youth minister. I have taken over allot of the youth responsibilities and this is pretty stressful and keeps me super busy.

Aaron loves to swing

Kody knows how old he is... listen closely. He is getting so big and he only knows the number 2, but we are working on that.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aaron's first Spaghetti dinner

I think that is enough said

I know 2 posts in one day, but I just had to share these sweet faces with everyone.

2 months since my last post

Ok so I thought it was high time to post some more pics of the boys and give some updates.

So anyway things are really busy here I have not been home on a weekend in over a month. This last weekend was Rock the desert in Midland Tx so since we are short a pastor and youth leader Daniel and I have stepped in to help out. I took one youth member and daniel stayed at home with the kids. I took my car and about half way there the stangest thing happened a plastic pulley that helps control the belt that runs everthing in the car shattered, and here I was on the side of the road with someone else's child. To make a very long story short I had to have my car towed and be picked up and travel the 50 mins back to Angelo with my wonderful bro in law who ran to my rescue. At this point I had given up on RTD but then I asked Adam, the BRO IN LAW to the rescue, if I could borrow his car. He said yes, so after a long and trying day we made it to Midland checked into the hotel and slept for a few hours. The next morning we left out to Rock the Desert. It was a cool experience. I don't think I have ever seen so many people. Although most of the music was not my cup of tea I had a great time and enjoyed alot of the performances. I would do it again that is for sure. Hopefully my car will be back and running soon. That was totally the worst. I got a little too much sun on top of my head and woke up very sick on Sunday so I missed church, but I am sure everyone understood. So I guess this is all for now I hope you like the pics of my babies and my wonderful hubby who survived a whole weekend with out me.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I am so tired, but have to talk

So almost exactly a year ago I lost my closest cousin. No not to death but to a complete and total rejection. At first I told my self I had done nothing wrong and felt a little angry (ok very angry) that she felt that way. Well that all changed this weekend. I saw her only briefly in a Walmart and we chatted just a little. It hurt so bad to see her the cousin that was as close as sister only a year ago and know that now we merely related and barely knew each other or what to say to one another. It has been breaking my heart for a year and finally I saw today that the blame rests squarely on my shoulders in this department of my life. You see I love my cousin and my Aunt unconditionally I was so close to them that I felt I could go to them with anything and that I would and still would go to the mat for them. But I did something stupid I decided to be the middle man. See over the years there have been alot of hard feelings in my family. By Hard I mean hurtful things said and done. Although I have always tried to walk very carefully and just love everyone with all I had, well let's just say I got stupid. I forgot that the most important thing I could do was be there and to love everyone. I did not stop loving anyone for a second but I stuck my nose(more like walked) in to where I did not belong. I asked questions that were none of my business and because I decided to do this my cousin and my wonderful Aunt got hurt. For this I am truly sorry.
I know that for a year now I have tried to fix things but I was going about it all wrong and in turn have caused more hurt. So... after alot of prayers I have decided to just stop. It hurts me tremendously to take a step back and to let them live their lives because I miss them, but if it hurts them for me to try to force my way in then for them and only them I will step back. I hope to see them in passing again many more times and maybe some day they can find it in their hearts to trust me again and allow me one toe in their lives. But, if this is not to be and it is easier for them to shut me out then to risk the hurt I understand and I will love them from a distance. So in closing I am sorry and I wish things were different, but they aren't and I will always be here. I hope this post does not end up causing more pain, but if it does you will know this is the last time I will try to force my self into your life and I love you and always will. Good night.
To everyone else thanks for reading and please pray for me to be strong to promise and to be the cousin and niece they need for me to be; even if that means the one they no longer know.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I am doing well

My first stiry strip fell off today so I have seen the first of my 4 cuts from the doc. Although they are straight they are still a little sore but otherwise they look good well the one I can see does anyway. I have a check up tomorrow with the doc to make sure I am good to go and then mom and I are going to go up to High Pine My mom's home and hang out play cards and do our nails. I plan to take pics of my boys and I will share them with you. Please continue to pray for my cuz suz she is doing pretty good, but those 4 babies are getting pretty heavy and that can be hard on a mommy and may not allow the babies to reach their full term so please pray you can check on her at .
Ok this all for now I am going to get my hair cut for the first time since I was prego with Aaron nothing dramatic just some much needed maintance.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh My Gosh

I hope all of you remember where you were this evening. You may remember it for a while now. I just watched LeBron James single-handedly beat the Pistons. He scored the last 25 points and 29 of the final 30. Just insane. I was amazed by some of the shots he was taking, and hitting. Just incredible. Anyone who loves basketball is slightly sad because the rest of the Cavs seem to be so crappy, but most of us are just amazed that something like that just happened. So very fantastic.

We made it to Uvalde/Brackettville just fine. Sunni has to be at the hospital by 7:00 in the morning.

Everyone that can should go to the FCA All-Star Football Game in Abilene's Shotwell Stadium Saturday night at 7:00. It's going to be great. Will Schumann is playing, Abby Probst is cheering, Glen Jones is coaching, and Terry Bean is giving the invocation. Everyone who can, should definitely be there.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ok it has been almost a month

I am having surgery in 2 days on Friday early in the morning. I have numerous stones in my gallbladder and the number alone places me at risk of infection so... we are taking that sucker out of there. Any way I am very nervous and all day have been trying to forget about it and do the little things I need to do to prepare the boys and my self for being gone for a week. I am going to have the surgery in Uvalde,TX so that it will be easier on my mom who will be helping with the boys. Daniel is going to start a 3 day conference on Monday and then on Thursday leave for a fun boys coaching trip to Ria Dosa (?spelling?). So he will be gone all week and won't be able to help with the boys as I recover. I hope that he has a truly great time he has really been looking forward to this trip and to be honest he really deserves it.
If anyone reads this please pray for me I know it is not that big of a deal, but I am scared so please pray for my self and my family. Especially my mom as she will be doing allot of the care giving for my boys for a few days.
Anyway life goes on please also pray for our youth group we are currently without a youth minister and the attendance truly displays this. Daniel and I are filling in where needed but please pray that we (our church) finds someone to help our youth find their ways to Christ.
Thanks for your prayers and I will post after the surgery to let you know how I am.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

so much to tell

Ok so about 2 1/2 weeks ago I found out I had gall stones, when what I thought I had was severe acid reflux. So now my doc is scheduling surgery to take out my gall bladder. So anyway I am not sure exactly when but they should be scheduling it for the begining of June.
So on with the story Aaron is growing like crazy and sitting up like crazy. He has slept though the night 4 nights in a row. So I feel like I have won the war.
Kody is growing too and we are having a hard time with him getting diaper rash it is getting pretty severe and somedays it clears up all together. It is so crazy we treat it and gets better then it gets real bad and then it gets better. Any suggestions would be great.
Ok so Daniel has passed his Texes exam and is now cert in pe health math and science. So our lives are a little busy but things are going well over all.

Monday, April 02, 2007

God's beautiful creations

I took the boys for or usual walk we have not been able to go for almost a week since it rained nearly every day last week. Well, to my suprise God gave us such beauty with our rain. The walking track that we walk on has a huge field in middle since the track is almost a mile all the way around. It is filled with these beautiful flowers that really made the walk special even though about half way Aaron decided he was tired of the walk. So I picked some since my camera phone could not do them justice so I could share them I only picked one bunch of blue bonnets so that they could soon fill the whole area. I hope you enjoy my flowers I wish you could see them for your selves. If you decide you have to see them for yourself come on over I will give you the tour.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Prayer is so important

For months my kids have been keeping me from getting good sleep. I have been so tired that I can not sleep at times or when I do fall asleep and Aaron cries I imagine it is part of my dream and have the hardest waking up. Sometimes when I lay down the second I close my eyes I hear him crying even if he is fast asleep. Any way, I honestly don't know why I did not do it before I mean I would pray that the little amount of sleep I got would be adequate and that God would help me to function on the sleep I did get, but I did not pray for Aaron to sleep. I begged him to sleep, but I never asked God to give him sleep. Til a friend of Daniel's said that we needed to pray for peace and sleep for both of our children. And I thought of course what was I thinking it was so odd that I had not asked for this before. SO.... Now every night before I put the boys down for the night I pray that God will give them good health, peace, and sleep. It is working Aaron is still not sleeping through the night but it does not take 2-3hours to get him back to sleep sometimes it only takes 15 mins. So what I really want to do is encourage others to pray for their children to have peace and sleep. I pray for my boys all the time and always have but, for some reason I never thought about praying for the little things we all need. I feel that God has given me renewed energy and more patience and most of all God has given me peace by giving it to my children.

Monday, March 19, 2007

So I was thinking nice eve for a walk so....

We load up in the wagon great idea right??

well unknown to me Kody decided he would hang out the back so this clever plan ended in this face.
After the giant spill and the bleeding stopped Kody rode for a little while but then chose this method of travel
Poor Kody but we finished our walk and had a good time. The End

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Real Blog

No pictures today just writing. So it is spring break and that means my trusted baby sitter is available. I took the boys to Grammy's and of course Aaron got sick the day before not a big surprise. Kody was healthy that is a surprise any time I have tried to leave my babies with my mom they seem to get sick right before I take them to her. But any way I left them on Monday around 2pm and then went home to relax. Daniel had an X-box 360 party on tuesday so I was pretty busy making sausage balls and tuna salad to help feed all his students that were coming. I took a nap and was a lady of leasure . Any way so Wednesday started and by 11:30 we were bored to death so we watched a movie. And talked about canceling Daniel's pole vault practice and getting back to our kids because we missed them so so so much. So any way we went to practice at 5 and were at the track til around 7:15pm. After that we gathered up fast and headed the 3 hours out to get to our kidos. I have had a hard time being with out my kids. We got here in Brackett a little after 11pm and mom had kept Kody up for us so we could see him. He was so tired but he gave us both a hug and went back and forth between us. It was so very very nice to see my boys. Aaron was asleep and stayed that way until 1 and then I stayed up with him most of the night because he did not want to go back to sleep. But even though I am tired today I am so glad I am back with my kids. I am no longer good at being without them. I sure love my babies. Kody has had a blast playing with all the animals and I am ready to get back to life a usual. We will be heading home in the morning I will miss all of my moms help. Hats off to you MOM you are great and thanks for everything. By the way Aaron is feeling much better.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Yep that is a real CUB

It was a super cool fun suprise. Kody was more concerned about the tiger eating the bottle. We took this pic at the mall in Brownwood, TX yesterday.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

my boys are growing

Aaron 3 and 1/2 months 1/30/07 Kody 01/31/07

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Busy holidays

It was a very busy Christmas and New Years break. 2 days before Christmas my mother in law was placed in ICU in San Angelo Texas. We stayed in San Angelo til 2 days after Christmas checking on her daily. Things were a little frightening from time to time. We then Traveled to Brackettville to see my family we had a very lovely time and got so many goodies we almost could not fit us Vienna and the boys in the car. Thanks mom and Dad for everything. On top of all that Daniel the sniper took out 2 deer that my mother and I processed before we left. We had to do it before we left so that we could fit both of the deer in the car. We left on New Years Day with enough meat to last a good long while. We were still checking on Daniel's Mom everyday and things were still bad she was not breathing on her own and had pneumonia. So we got home and Daniel had a game and practice on the 2nd and then returned to work on the 3rd. So then on the next weekend we returned to Angelo because we got word that mom was not recovering fast enough and may need surgery. After a very busy hard on Kody Saturday we returned home hearing that Paula was a little better and surgery would not be scheduled right away. Yesterday Paula began doing better and breathing on her own. Today she was moved to her own room out of ICU and is only on oxygen. Thanks be to God for taking care of our family. Also JoLee's extended family had a rough week as well thanks to God for taking care of them as well.