Monday, February 27, 2006

Crazy Weekend…

We went up to San Angelo Friday evening because Adam and Kari are getting married a week from Saturday and Adam wanted Daniel to help him move stuff. So on Saturday Daniel Adam and Miles Moore moved all the stuff from Kari’s to the storage so Adam could come live there after the wedding and bring some of his stuff. After that Daniel, Adam, Me, Miles and Miles wife Jennifer headed with the last load to storage and out eat at Franco’s. On the way there Adam had his window down and was yelling things like hey you what’s up to people outside. I told Daniel you need to roll up his window and lock it and then I heard something hit the side of the car. Adam said, “My phone.” He had dropped his cell out the window I said we need to go get it so we changed lanes and Miles was following in his truck with the couch and stuff. Any way so we pulled into Pop eyes on Bryant and Daniel got out and ran for the phone Miles pulled up and said he ran over it. Daniel found all of the parts and the phone still works all but the camera. Crazy, the moral to the story buy an Audiovox phone if you are going to drop it out the window while driving.
So then we made it to Franco’s and while we were eating an acquaintance of Miles comes in. Miles starts telling us about a few weeks past when he was backing out of his spot at home and this guy comes cutting through the lot to avoid a traffic light and Miles hits him. Not Miles fault because the guy is totally breaking the law. So Miles says he has not talked to him since. Well we are all sitting there enjoying our lunch and great conversation when the dude comes up to Miles and starts up a conversation just to tell him later that he has an estimate and will bring it by Miles house. AS IF MILES SHOULD PAY FOR THE DAMAGE. Even our lunch was crazy.
Then we went and picked up Joe, Daniel and Adam’s dad, to take him to be fitted for a tux for the big day. After that we then go back to his place where Adam sets up his digital camera for him. We stay over there for almost an hour before we take Adam shopping for his wedding present since we decided he could pick it out. Everything is so busy that we don’t get back until like 6:30 or 7pm to the house and we are all too tired to go out so I go to the store and get hamburger fixing and Daniel cooks supper. Daniel and Adam play a little Xbox and then Kari and Adam go to Wal-mart around 10:30 Daniel is tired and took a benadryl and falls asleep during Ocean’s Twelve while Adam and Kari are gone. They get back around 1 at 1:30 Kari tells me that they would really like to make to class in the morning and that after church we will go eat and then go to her wedding shower. Anyway at around 3:30 Kari starts throwing up I check on her and she says it hurts but she feels better and is going back to bed. Well she was not better and was sick all night Adam took her to the emergency room at 7 in the morning. Kari is admitted to the hospital for food poisoning. She stayed over night last night and maybe there again tonight. So all in all it was a crazy weekend.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ahh it is beautiful

Well the brides bouque for Kari and Adam's wedding is finished and it is awesome we are taking it to Kari tonight. I can not wait to see what Kari thinks.
We were up til late working on flowers and there is still alot to be done.
Kody has his first cold so I am going to take him to the Doc today I just hope that he can help I sure miss my sleep. He is really cute and wearing his Hawaii wear today even though the weather is not appropriate. The picture is side ways but oh well here he is

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Freaked out

Well I had a true freak out yesterday. Kody was lying on the couch in his Boppy pillow you know the one that is supposed to keep them from rolling off. Any way he rolled off the couch and hit his head on the table. I was sure he would die of course. Any way he quit crying in like 10 seconds and was so happy for the undivided attention. I on the other hand cried for an hour called my mom she made me feel a little better and I decided that no mom is perfect. This did not change the fact that I truely wanted to be. I walked up to tennis practice to find Daniel and beg his forgiveness. Instead he said Sunni don't worry about it he is fine look at him, but of course this did not help me. Then Sara called ansd after I cried to her told her the whole story she reminded me that kids are resilient and that he and I were both fine. This actually helped and I quit crying Oh well so I survived the big total freak out and Kody does not even have a bruise. Crazy is it not.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine Eve

Man what a night last night Kody was trying a new food it was Gerbers oatmeal pears and cinnamon sound ok right. Well any way about 9pm Kody started throwing a fit and only wanted me this was bad because we were at Grammy's house and Grammy loves to hold him. I was so embarrassed because every time I walked out of the room he screamed bloody murder. Any way sometimes at home he cries until he gets me but it was never this bad. Any way this went on till after 9:30 So I took him to give him a bath. Unlike Kody he even whined and whimpered through the bath. As soon as he got out the screaming continued. Kody screamed and Screamed the only time he quit was when he fell into exhaustion and then when he woke he cried some more. Nothing and no one made him happy. Finally around 12 he was still crying but sleeping every 10 minutes My mom noticed that he was broken out. So then we started to think what had he had today he had not had before the answer was Cinnamon He cried on and off all night and would not take formula at all just cereal or mama milk. He is better today but formula is still out and his face is still red and bumpy. Not to mention a little tired too. All in all it was a very eventful night and one with little sleep so I am here at work working the afternoon instead of the the way babies are cute but they are gross too. Asta.... Oh Yah happy VALENTINE'S Day!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kody Just His 1st community bath

He is sleeping in his own bed at Grammy's house and I am visiting with Jania who is in Alaska. She is a little over 3 months Prego with her second child. Life seems to be going ok she is living in very small cabin that her parents own for while. It is very small and a little rustic I guess is the best way to describe. Her husband will return home sometime in March because he is going to training in Florida.
Kody is really growing.
Jania was just telling me that the coldest it has been is 20 below can you imagine 20 below. She has actually now moved to Base housing in Elmendor, Alaska in a nice house. It takes almost a week to drive to where Jania is. Well this is all for now I will blog more later. Asta.....

Friday, February 03, 2006

Cappaccino Yummm

My pastor's wife is making cappaccino and he brought me a cup. It is exactly what I needed. My office smells great too I really love working here this is the only job I have ever held that I truly love. It is still hard to get up in the morning but coming to work is not the reason. I loved teaching but the politics of school really drove me crazy. Here I just have to do my job and everyone is happy that someone is doing it. It is also great that the rotten boy gets to come with me to work sometimes it is quite a henderance but he is good company and so cute and people come to the office just to see him.
I would venture to say he is the most popular Kody at church nevermind that he is the only Kody.
If you get a chance please check out my sister's blog she just started blogging but I think she is doing a great job and you can see a pic of her family. Well that is all for now except I am going to take a nap today. 3 nights of little sleep are really getting to me I wish teething only happened during the day time. Asta....

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Very little sleep

Well last night was a very bad night for the Kody I got him to sleep at 10:30 (miracle) He woke up at 11:30 and I feed and rocked and he went back to sleep. He woke up at 1 feed rocked and back to sleep. He woke up at 2:30 this time feeding and rocking only made him cry he woke his Daddy with this mess at 3am. I tried everything changing the diaper rocking feeding nothing worked at 4am Daniel started Daddy dancing Kody quit crying but this only worked as long as Daniel was dancing. 4:30 Daniel told me to go to bed. At 5:00 Daniel came to bed with out Kody he was finally asleep. We slept til 6:30 when Kody started up again. I went and got him feed and rocked back to sleep the alarm went off at 7:45 and of course woke Kody I rocked him back to sleep then I got up around 8:40 Kody slept til we left for work and woke up when we got here. Any way it was a very long night. Kody has only had one 15 min nap so far today I guess he thinks he is in college and does not need sleep. I just hope he lets me get a nap today I feel sorry for Daniel cause he has to work a full day. I would say we will just go to bed early but that will not work because of the little baby. He has been playing on his tummy and is now tired of that so I will have to go more later. Asta...