Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello to all

Life is going by so quickly the boys are growing and are not my little babies anymore. Since the loss of Daniel's Mom every milestone is bitter sweet. I know I will look up in just few weeks my little one will 2 and begin adventures in potty training with his big bro who is only barely making progress.
I feel so incompetent at times with this potty training stuff Kody will not poo in the potty or in underwear so that is nice, but he always wants diaper. He says he wants to be a baby from time to time and I find it over whelmingly frustrating. I love my kidos and I love staying home with them I just wish there was a potty training boot camp for my little one I could send him and he would come home ready to roll. (for free of course). He has really totally gotten the pee, pee in the potty part and that is awesome. He made it through 3 football games without an accident. He has set through church and he is in his own Sunday school class. He has stopped having nightmares as often and when he does. We just tell him that God will keep him safe from monsters and we say a prayer and he settles down. I am so pleased with the progress that Kody is making daily.
Aaron is growing as well and his language skills are more advanced than Kody's were at his age. Kody already talks to much some times so this is a scary proposition. Aaron makes friends so easily and all the little kids a church love him. He has only recently learned to stand up for himself when others are not so nice. He is very affectionate and already has all the language skills for potty training. I just hope he is not as stubborn as Kody has been. I am so ready to spend less on diapers. Thanks for taking the time to check in more later Asta....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Went to the Circus and it WAS one

So tonight we went to the circus the boys were pretty well entertained until intermission. I had them both on their little kid leashes. Yes that's right leashes they are a life saver. With them they had a lot of freedom but were always with in reach and safe. My kidos were pretty good except for spilling Goldfish everywhere and then eating them off the ground major gross at an outside circus. Anyway as I said everything was great for the first half. During intermission we had the chance to go down into one of the outer rings to ride the elephants. So.... we did. It is something else managing 2 little boys who are excited about the biggest animal ever seen with their eyes. Not the best picture cause that little tiny fellow we are sitting on would not stand still. But we did pay 14 dollars to ride it not just sit on it. Click on the picture to enlarge and you can see it better.

So anyway you are thinking great y'all are having fun.... well here we go the crying and griping begins.

See that little yellow circle inside it is Kody's left shoe. This caused only a very minor problem with a small amount fussing until the return of the shoe. The larger issue was when other people began to get o Kody's Elephant. After a short little talk he was ready to move on. Then it was the ponies he wanted to ride. I talked him out of that and then things fell apart. Kody saw the jump house there was only 6 minutes of intermission left and it would have cost 10 bucks to allow them to jump in it for 3 minutes. NO THANKS. Well the crying began and did not stop we went and set down and bought a coloring book, but the crying continued. They then announce that it will be another 5 mins til the show begins. However, since it was well past bath time and close to bed time and the kids were still falling apart and I could not find my phone; we headed out to the truck.

On the way to the truck I told Kody I would race him to the truck which stopped the crying until he lost his balance and fell to the ground. A new level of wailing began and did not stop until I gave him a chocolate milk from McDonald's. We finally made it home got baths, teeth brushed, clothes on, prayer, song and in bed. So now I am sitting down to a little peace and quiet and some office reruns. So I am going to get on with the peace now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

recent family change

So almost 2 weeks has passed since Daniel and Adam drove up to announce that my mother in law passed away. We had a whirl wind weekend of funeral arrangements. It is so life altering to lose someone so close. I am not a stranger to loss, however I have never lost anyone but a cousin who was not sick and dieing at the time. Paula was ill for the last 5 years and in poor health, but to be honest this was unexpected. She was a great mom to Daniel and a Great mother in law to me. She will be so missed. Everytime I think about a holiday I picture us in the kitchen working side by side. I am not looking forward to our first thanksgiving with out her touch. I know mom not to much sage in the dressing. I have learned from her and hope I can pass on what I have learned to the grandchildren she barely got a chance to know and the ones she will never get to.

It is funny the things that effect you when you lose your loved one. I was going to mail her a picture of the boys the day she died I had it framed and was about to find a box when the annoucement came.
Now I can not look at my own wall where I have this same picture framed that I do not think, "Mom never even saw this picture." It seems like a really silly thought as it is only a picture and would not help her in any way. I miss her and I wish we had more time together. I am so thankful for the time that God granted us with her and the great memories that I will do my best to share with my babies so that they will know their Grandma through me. Please be in prayer for my sister in law Rebecca. This has effected us all, but she is truely suffering with the loss of her mom. Thanks