Saturday, May 22, 2010

I wrote this post a few months ago

I never realized I did not publish this post

Here is a little bit of the Caleb. Life spun out of control when Caleb was 2 days over a month old. I got a phone call on April 26th after a scary visit at the door, my parents were in a serious car accident. Dad was ok mom was not after 2 weeks in the hospital she was sent home with a patch job hip. I stayed with her for quite some time when I left fever got worse and she had an infection after 2 more surgeries we thought things would get better however this is when the joint failed. Mom will have a total hip replacement Moday 2 days shy of an entire 3 months since that day. Please if anyone reads this pray for her and that she will be infection free.

I love you MOM! Caleb is 4 months old today!