Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Prayer is so important

For months my kids have been keeping me from getting good sleep. I have been so tired that I can not sleep at times or when I do fall asleep and Aaron cries I imagine it is part of my dream and have the hardest waking up. Sometimes when I lay down the second I close my eyes I hear him crying even if he is fast asleep. Any way, I honestly don't know why I did not do it before I mean I would pray that the little amount of sleep I got would be adequate and that God would help me to function on the sleep I did get, but I did not pray for Aaron to sleep. I begged him to sleep, but I never asked God to give him sleep. Til a friend of Daniel's said that we needed to pray for peace and sleep for both of our children. And I thought of course what was I thinking it was so odd that I had not asked for this before. SO.... Now every night before I put the boys down for the night I pray that God will give them good health, peace, and sleep. It is working Aaron is still not sleeping through the night but it does not take 2-3hours to get him back to sleep sometimes it only takes 15 mins. So what I really want to do is encourage others to pray for their children to have peace and sleep. I pray for my boys all the time and always have but, for some reason I never thought about praying for the little things we all need. I feel that God has given me renewed energy and more patience and most of all God has given me peace by giving it to my children.

Monday, March 19, 2007

So I was thinking nice eve for a walk so....

We load up in the wagon great idea right??

well unknown to me Kody decided he would hang out the back so this clever plan ended in this face.
After the giant spill and the bleeding stopped Kody rode for a little while but then chose this method of travel
Poor Kody but we finished our walk and had a good time. The End

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Real Blog

No pictures today just writing. So it is spring break and that means my trusted baby sitter is available. I took the boys to Grammy's and of course Aaron got sick the day before not a big surprise. Kody was healthy that is a surprise any time I have tried to leave my babies with my mom they seem to get sick right before I take them to her. But any way I left them on Monday around 2pm and then went home to relax. Daniel had an X-box 360 party on tuesday so I was pretty busy making sausage balls and tuna salad to help feed all his students that were coming. I took a nap and was a lady of leasure . Any way so Wednesday started and by 11:30 we were bored to death so we watched a movie. And talked about canceling Daniel's pole vault practice and getting back to our kids because we missed them so so so much. So any way we went to practice at 5 and were at the track til around 7:15pm. After that we gathered up fast and headed the 3 hours out to get to our kidos. I have had a hard time being with out my kids. We got here in Brackett a little after 11pm and mom had kept Kody up for us so we could see him. He was so tired but he gave us both a hug and went back and forth between us. It was so very very nice to see my boys. Aaron was asleep and stayed that way until 1 and then I stayed up with him most of the night because he did not want to go back to sleep. But even though I am tired today I am so glad I am back with my kids. I am no longer good at being without them. I sure love my babies. Kody has had a blast playing with all the animals and I am ready to get back to life a usual. We will be heading home in the morning I will miss all of my moms help. Hats off to you MOM you are great and thanks for everything. By the way Aaron is feeling much better.