Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hardest Thanksgiving Ever

Well for those of you that came to see pics of the boys sorry to disappoint I will be the emotional blogger today.

We left out on Wednesday morning to go to Angelo where Daniel's family is. We were staying with Adam, Daniel's brother. Any way this is my first thanksgiving with out my mother in law and all the way to Angelo every little bit I would just tear up and the closer we got the more upset my tummy was over the anticipation of the emotional roller coaster I was already on. We got to Angelo and Adam and Kari welcomed us and it was so nice to get the kids out of the truck. Kudos to Adam and Kari they have recently redone almost every room in their house it was nicely put together and almost completely baby proof :) . THANK YOU BOTH. So any way shortly after we got there Rebecca, Daniel's sis, came over. With Rebecca and I both on emotional overdrive even though not much was said I was pretty worn out. The boys went to bed and I made the last batch of corn bread for the dressing while Kari made all the toast. I made the pea salad and then I was pretty well done except getting the turkey put in the roaster. When it came to the chocolate pie it was more than I could deal with emotionally so... Adam and Daniel came to the rescue and got right to work. Mom (Paula) was the only one to ever make the chocolate pie. So while the boys made pie Kari and I went to see Becca at work where I cried for the billionth time that day.

Thursday was not so bad for me since I had prepared all day the day before. making the dressing was the hardest part of the day since I missed Mom, but I did the best I have ever done and that made it all better I think mom would have liked it. Kari was so great to go for a walk with me that evening taking the boys in strollers. it helped to just be out out of the house for a little while.

Then on Friday I had to leave my hubby in Angelo since he had to work the next day and I cried again. After about 50 miles I was much better although missing him terribly. I was only 45 miles out of Delrio when Aaron could not take his wet diaper anymore. So I stopped at the only gas station for almost 90 miles to change him. When we came out there was a puddle under the truck. I started it and headed for the highway and the needle hit HOT. So.. no cell service I called mom and Dad who were on the lake in del rio from the little gas station and waited. Of course when they got there the truck was fine and did not overheat again. So.. to make a very long weekend short I had a great time with my family and they were great emotional support. I missed my hubby and I am so glad to be home.