Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aaron's first Spaghetti dinner

I think that is enough said

I know 2 posts in one day, but I just had to share these sweet faces with everyone.

2 months since my last post

Ok so I thought it was high time to post some more pics of the boys and give some updates.

So anyway things are really busy here I have not been home on a weekend in over a month. This last weekend was Rock the desert in Midland Tx so since we are short a pastor and youth leader Daniel and I have stepped in to help out. I took one youth member and daniel stayed at home with the kids. I took my car and about half way there the stangest thing happened a plastic pulley that helps control the belt that runs everthing in the car shattered, and here I was on the side of the road with someone else's child. To make a very long story short I had to have my car towed and be picked up and travel the 50 mins back to Angelo with my wonderful bro in law who ran to my rescue. At this point I had given up on RTD but then I asked Adam, the BRO IN LAW to the rescue, if I could borrow his car. He said yes, so after a long and trying day we made it to Midland checked into the hotel and slept for a few hours. The next morning we left out to Rock the Desert. It was a cool experience. I don't think I have ever seen so many people. Although most of the music was not my cup of tea I had a great time and enjoyed alot of the performances. I would do it again that is for sure. Hopefully my car will be back and running soon. That was totally the worst. I got a little too much sun on top of my head and woke up very sick on Sunday so I missed church, but I am sure everyone understood. So I guess this is all for now I hope you like the pics of my babies and my wonderful hubby who survived a whole weekend with out me.