Friday, March 31, 2006

Trying not to get too Excited.

Kody has slept through the night two nights in a row. I am trying so hard not to get to excited bout that but My baby is sleeping though the nigh:). If it were ot for the neighbors rooster that positions it's self right out side Kody window at 5 am to wake up the neighborhood I think I would not have to check on him at all til 8 am in when he is ready to get up and face the day. He is waking up happier now that he is getting a good 7-8hours at night. Needless to say so am I. It is so so great. Asta...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The new baby

Well I went to the doctor yesterday and the baby is due Oct. the 28th so Kody and his sibling will be almost exactly a year apart.Ijust hope I will survive and not go crazy. Kody has gotten where he wantseverything your hands are on that includes the keyboard. He is getting really big. He is over 16 lbs now and man I can feel it. He is getting a little better at playing by himself I just hope he gets the hang of it by his first birthday.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Precious has PNEUMONIA

We spent all day on Monday at the emergency room in Kerrville we got there at 4:30 and stayed until around 9:15. It was a very long day and the little guy was running a high fever and fussing a lot. So anyway we get there and wait till around 7:30 when the doctor finally comes in. He asks what the problem is and we tell him that Kody is running a high fever and it just started today. What is it with doctors you come in the day you get sick and they are like “Oh, just today” you come in a couple days later and they are like “You should have come in sooner” I mean I think what they really want to say is I wish you people would just suffer at home. Any way so I say all the books say to bring your baby to the ER if they are running 102 consistently. And he says “I wish they would not say that.” When I think he is really saying look another over protective stupid parent. So then he says your baby seems fine, except for the fever so we will do a flue swab and a chest x-ray and then you can go.
So an hour or so later all of this finally takes place. The doctor comes in and says “Your son has Pneumonia; it’s a good thing you brought him in.” I was thinking look a doctor with his fat foot is his mouth. Oh well Kody is better today and on powerful antibiotics so I hope he just gets better and better it has been a hard couple of nights. ASTA….

Friday, March 10, 2006

And then there were TWO!!

I found out day before yesterday that my six month old is going to be a big brother. Talk about a big suprise and I just thought I was tired now ohh well God has a plan. more later....

Monday, March 06, 2006

Despite Food Poisoning

Well they are now married Kari is fully recovered and they are honey mooning. I will post pictures later so you can see a little of the wedding.
So we had the rehersal at 6:30 Friday evening and then rehersal dinner at Zentner's Daughters it was great. We went back and decorated til like 11 or more then went to Walmart for a towel for my mom's baby Squirrel Squeeker. Then we finally went to bed aroung 1:30 ish since my Dad was still reading with the light on. Then at around 6 Kody woke up feeling bad and nothing made him happy so we went to Walmart to get him some meds we did not get much sleep. At 9a.m. we went back to the church to decorate. We were there til 2:30pm trying to finish up thank goodness JoLee showed up because her help certainly hurried the process along. Then we rushed off to get dressed and back to the wedding at 4. We made it back to the church at 3:55 and Paula was not there yet my family went and found a seat and Kody and I waited to be ushered in the wedding started around 4:30 ish. So everything was kind of rushed. We got to the reception and it was beautiful... and ate a little Kari I think got one bite of food. The had their Dance did the Bouque and Garter in a 40 minute span and then we all threw our bird seed and they got into the carriage and rode away to live happily ever after. Except having to stop back by the church and pick up Kari's purse then they left for the bed breakfast.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It is never a quick trip

It never fails if I am going to make a quick down to Brackett Kody and I end up spending the night. So Monday after work Kody and I headed out to the B-Town the trip is a little over an hour if you drive it at a reasonable speed. Any way so we get there and I remember that my tires are kind of old so... I check them out and I am about 50 miles from a blowout on one of the tires. So anyway i wait til Daddy gets in to double check my analysis of the situation. By the time he gets it in it is 10 til 7 and all the tire places close at you guessed it, 7. So i can not get tires til the next day and since it is 58 miles home that is out of the question. So I send the night and got to Delrio the next day and get four new tires. Yep that was so much fun. Asta...