Monday, February 20, 2012

Let it Get to you

In our society we are told to keep our emotions and our beliefs to our selves, so that we can tolerate the behavior of others and except those behaviors. But God has required more of us we can indeed show mercy and walk humbly with out compromising our truth which is Jesus Christ. So my challenge to you is to let it get to you, what others say and do. Show Christ in love to everyone we meet. We have to be willing to be uncomfortable and be courageous. WHY? Because it is required of us!
I choose not to offend because I do not want others to feel unloved by me. However here is a question, if I am so worried I am going to offend that I do not display Christ in all his glory am I hurting them worse than just offending them?  

As you are reading this you are thinking of someone you are afraid to offend or you are thinking she is out to get all those that do not believe as she does. So if you are thinking of someone know you can love and show Christ and he will make your offenses bring glory to Him. If it is the second question you are indeed correct I am out to get them, to seek Christ because scripture is specific about how we get to heaven and I want everyone I know to get there too.
My prayer is not just for this week but for weeks to come: Lord help me to love them through it help me to be light and salt. Help me to show people your path, not to bicker and argue about the things of earth, but to lift up and show others the way, because sin should not define us as people.  Our relationship with you should or lack of it. Help me to help others to not walk to you, but RUN to you. Thank you for making the sacrifice I can not imagine making to give me a way back to you. In your sacrifices name I pray, amen.
This is a video of the song courageous by casting crowns pay attention around minute 2:22 you might here a and see a familiar verse. Micah 6:8

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