Monday, February 10, 2014

Life has changed alot

Since my last post we have had a baby girl and talk about life changing. We have 4 children and I never knew how much you could love and care for these little babies. We have had an amazing journey with Bethani she has had a number of struggles just to grow at an average rate. She is healthy and happy and my walk any day now.  She has started really jabbering and sometimes I would swear she is saying Mama or Dada. She is growing finally although she is only in 3-6 month clothes at 9 months of age. Caleb has grown very fast and despite just turning 4 he is wearing 5t clothes. He has had his first tooth pulled due to hitting his mouth months ago.  Aaron is still growing but he can still wear a few 5t pairs of pants he is very strong and agile and I will soon be finding him a gymnastics class to increase his skill levels.  Kody is growing fast and is in his 8 year old clothes he is really bright and excelling in school.  I love my little family I am so so blessed.

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